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This bot has two features, namely music and Fun
Prefix: r!
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RiBot The Fun Discord Bot by Fakhri

Official First release - 31th October 2018

r!help, show help commands r!owner, show the bot owner's name r!contact, contact or report our bot r!avatar, show your avatar r!avatar @Username, show the avatar someone r!userinfo, show your user information r!userinfo @Username, show the user information someone r!serverinfo, Get the server information r!link [URL] [Description], set embed for your link without preview. r!rabbit, get a cute random rabbit images. r!cream, get a random image of cream the rabbit. r!hack or r!heck, Start playing fun hack game. r!reverse (your text), send a reverse text message r!meter (characteristic), test a skill of characteristic that you have in percent % r!guild, how many I have joined the server. r!ping, count the ping how long bot respond to the discord r!flip, play with flip a coin r!say (your text), Repeats what you just typed r!roll, roll a dice r!number, generate your random number (range: 0-100) r!support, Support My bot development r!invite, Invite bot into your server r!hello or r!hi, say hello owo, it's furry!

Ready to serve! 😉