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A very advanced multi functional bot, with advanced moderation. Fully customizable and a very unique economy gameplay, X
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X-Ray is a super advanced multifunctional bot that will bring a lot to your server as:

  • Advanced Moderation

  • Family Friendly Fun Commands

  • Auto Moderation

  • Logging system

  • Updates always coming…

Along with a very advanced Giveaway system, Todo command that will help you manage your to-do list in a discord bot!

Auto-Moderation that’s fully customizable with just some commands!

X-Ray also provides a very advanced and friendly warning system, with customizable warn logging system, permissions etc…

X-Ray also provides you a very unique economy system, X-Economy (Under work).

X-Economy will bring you a world full of joyment, buisness and money, with the help of your assistant joseph or name it how you want, he will help you start, grow and expand your business!


  • RKAbdul#7146
  • Lrappers#0001

We continue our hard work on this bot to bring you everything that you need! support us by inviting and vote for this bot!