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This is a multi-purpose discord bot
Prefix: .
Discord Server: No Discord Server
Website: No Website


A multi-purpose discord bot

  • I started making this bot a few months ago and I've been working on it since then.

  • If you want to report a bug / ask a question, make sure to join the bots support server!

  • The bots default prefix is . but the prefix can be changed through a command.

  • This bot has heaps of commands to use! I've recently added a economy / levelling system to the bot.

  • For more help, do .help


Here are all of the available command categories, for more help, do .help <command>

Fun: 8ball, ascii, avatar, binary, chair.exe, chat, clap, coinflip, decode, emoji, hello, howgay, invite, joke, meme, ping, reverse, roledice, rps, say, serverinvite, webhook

Animals: cat, dog, kitten, puppy

Info: botinfo, calculate, corona, help, serverinfo, servers, settings, snipe, uptime, urban, userinfo, ytstats

Moderation: announce, ban, clear, createrole, dm, giveaway, addrole, kick, lock, mute, tempmute, unban, unmute, removerole, vote, warn, warns

Config: antiswear, disablemute, disablelevel, disablewelchannel, disableweltxt, enablelevel, leavechannel, leavemsg, memberrole, resetwarns, setlogs, setmute, setprefix, unantiswear, disablelogs, welchannel, welmsg

Developer: eval, joinvc, leavevc, reload, restart, botupdate