Kia Bot

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This bot is an all in one! This bot will never let you down. This has many revolutionary commands which you can explore.
Prefix: x!
Discord Server: No Discord

Kia Bot is a multi-functional bot which can do practically most things! From ROBLOX Whois to Banning to Meming. With Easter Eggs hidden away secretly we believe you will enjoy this bot. Some things you may need to know are that the bot's prefix is x! and to seek help you run the command x!help. For further contact, please DM TheBloxTube#6688. Join the support server if any more queries. This bot handles moderation commands as well as fun commands. These commands are not perplexing and are easy to follow. We even have commands you can use to make fun images and memes out of. Despite meming, this bot has a good and steady command force. This bot is generally online for 24/7 but if down, it means there is an update. Be the first ones to know what this update is about by joining the discord communications server. What are you waiting for? Invite Kia Bot to your guild today!