Herres RPG

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Very Fun RPG Bot
Prefix: *
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Pn3gPz
Website: No Website

Herres RPG bot is a RPG Bot but also has Moderation and Fun Commands. Do *help to see all features. There is Auto Moderation like Anti Link, Anti Spam (VERY SOON), Auto RPG Drops and Much More… Bot Developer: Aki#0080 - Did Everyhing Bot Manager: Marija#6889 - Didint do Anything Lol just Puts bots on Sites Aki#0080 Developed 2 Bots: Herres RPG#8118 And Herres™#0119 Both Bots can Be Added and Are Public! To Get RPG Help do *rpg info To Get Mod Help do *mod info To Get Fun Help do *fun info There Are 45+ Avilable Commands (More Will Be Added Soon)

HRS Marija ✞#6889