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Advanced easy to use moderation bot with an economy, welcome messages, memes and more!
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Oversee Prefix:$

What does it do?

Currently the bot is in a beta stage, this means commands are being added all the time!

On the whole Oversee is a all in one Discord fun moderation bot.

Command list:

The current bot commands are as follows:

$help - Shows basic help | $commandlist - Shows this list | $joinbeta - Sends a request to join the beta program | $adminhelp - Shows admin commands | $suggest - Suggest bot ideas | $bugreport - Report a bug | $invite - Shows a current server invite | $botinvite - Shows the bot invite link | $botinfo - Shows bot and server info | $getbal - Shows balance | $work - Gives you a random amount of $ | $daily - Can claim $250 a day | $bet ($number) (red/black) - Puts a bet down, double or nothing | $meme - Shows a random meme (No repeats) | $ban - Bans the user | $kick - Kicks the user | $mute - Mutes the user (Requires a role called "Muted" to be set up correctly)

The bot also uses a logging system, use $adminhelp to see the setup commands

Why choose Oversee?

Clean commands | 24/7 Support ($support) | Easy to use even for beginners | Fun commands | Great Moderation options | Economy System | Memes | Welcome system | Logs System | And more to come!

I hope this has helped you decide if you like Oversee use the link below to invite it to your server now! Press Invite on this page now!

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