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Multifunctional bot and more! to your Discord server! The commands can be found: s;help
Prefix: s;
Discord Server:

Current functions are: administration, social, music, information & more Command List: ⛏ Creators Bot prefix: s; botstatus - Changes bot status s;bc - Sends an official notification ⭐ Administration s;ban - Bans the specified player permanently or temporarily s;kick - Kicks the specified player from the server s;lock - I block writing on a given channel s;unlock - I unblock writing on a given channel s;mute - Mutes the user for the specified time s;unmute - Unmute of the specified user s;embed - Sends an embed with the given inscriptions s;slowmode - Sets the delay for sending the message s;clear - Deletes messages with the given value 💻 Social s;instagram - Displays information about the given user on instagram s;corona - Displays information about the coronavirus about the given country s;weather - Displays the weather for a given city or country 🎶 Music s;play - Plays audio from YouTube or Soundcloud s;stop - Stops the music s;volume - Change volume of currently playing music s;search - Search and select videos to play s;loop - Toggle music loop s;lyrics - Get lyrics for the currently playing song s;nowplay - Show now playing song s;resume - Resume currently playing music s;pause - Pause the currently playing music s;queue - Show the music queue and now playing. s;remove - Remove song from the queue s;playlist - Play a playlist from youtube s;skip - Skip the currently playing song s;skipto - Skip to the selected queue number 🔎 Information and more s;serverinfo - Display information about the server s;member - I show the number of members on the server s;avatar - Showing user's avatar s;userinfo - Display information about the user s;mem - Displays a random meme s;dog - Displays a random photo of the dog s;uptime - I show the bot running time s;ping - Display the ping of the bot s;botinfo - Display information about the bot s;proposition - Write an idea for a new feature to our bot! s;invite - It displays a link to invite the bot to the server s;report - Send message to support s;help - Lists the commands language: (EN) s;pomoc - Lists the commands language: (PL) s;faq - It displays the most frequently asked questions and general information

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